Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Anastasis (part 1) - The Forbidden Book Concealed

I am pleased to introduce the first book in the Christian historical fantasy series, The Forbidden Book and the Upside Down Kingdom:

Anastasis - The Forbidden Book Concealed

What happens when ...
Providence moves a Bishop, a Queen, and a Lord to shine the Light revealed in the Forbidden Book in the Dark Ages?


In anno Domini 1375, Queen Anastasia reigned in the rich little kingdom of Opulentia. And her favorite courtier, Lord Adryan Crippen had the world within easy grasp - his handsome looks, exalted position, and the heart of the Queen. Then Adryan’s dreams evaporated as the enemy within attempted to destroy him.

 Yet Providence put Adryan in hiding within St. Luke’s Infirmary where the elderly Bishop Sinjin labored on a translation of the Forbidden Book. When a conspiracy to usurp the throne comes to light, will the Bishop and Adryan be able to save the Queen? Will the Bishop fulfill his calling to shine the Light revealed in the Forbidden Book into the spiritual darkness of the age?

Anastasis. Will the fallen stand up, again?

Even the Dark Ages could not extinguish the Light ...


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Question: What does Anastasis mean? And why it is important in the New Testament?

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