Sunday, March 18, 2018

Cats (part 3) - Spring and Cats


They seem to be the most popular animal on the internet.

And for good reason. Cats can reflect some of the traits we see in ourselves. Which make them fun to watch. And funny.

In the pecking order of nature, cats like to pounce on birds. Dogs like to chase cats. The three natural enemies. Or frenemies.

And when cats and dogs and birds mix it up, hilarity can ensue.  Stuff cartoons are made of. Like Looney Tunes', Spike, Sylvester, and Tweety.

Reality follows art such as in scene below, the kitty cats watching the birdies. Perhaps dreaming about their next dinner?

Then enter the dog. The cats' foil.

And that dog sure made those cats spring! On what appears to be a nice spring day.

Speaking of spring... 

On a more philosophical note. It's a time of rebirth. Renewal. Optimism. An awakening after the slumber of winter.

And speaking of cats...

One existential cat, Henri le Chat Noir, laments the "Blight of Spring:"

Take heart, Henri

The days will stop getting longer

This season will soon come to pass



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photo: In Pink Shade/