Friday, May 29, 2020

Physics (part 7) - Pandemic Physics


Pandemic giant leap in Physics?

As of this posting, many have been in "lock down" since mid-March 2020. All due to precautions to manage the Coronavirus ( COVID-19) pandemic.

350 years ago...

Another young man was under "lock down" during a perilous pandemic. The bubonic plague, also known as the Black Death.  Though the plague first hit during the mid-1300s, it reared its ugly head in future generations. Such as in England as The Great Plague 1665--the Black Death.

The name of this young man in quarantine?

 Sir Isaac Newton  (1642-1726).

And today, many scientists recognize him as the Father of Modern Science. Stepping out of the shadows of the Dark Ages into Modern Times.

A Giant among Giants.

And his story to support that claim is told in the video below:

Newton's pandemic lock down gave birth to his annus miribilis - Year of Wonders.

In those 18 months, he developed:

(1)  Calculus
(2)  Laws of Optics
(3)  Laws of Motion
(4)  Law of Universal Gravitation.

At the age of 25.

Reference: Isaac Newton Changed the World While in Quarantine From the Plague

And friend Sir Edmund Halley (1656-1742) of Halley's Comet urged Newton to publish his works,

The Principia (1687)

Now considered one of the greatest works in the history of science.

During this pandemic, what "Newton" may emerge from quarantine?

And will Pandemic 2020 give birth to a new "Roaring 20's"?



Photo: Newton/