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Faith (part 4) - Yuri Gagarin

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April 12, 1961...

On that date in history, Russian cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin, became the first man in space, as seen in this brief clip below:

And after this historic flight, it was reported he had said:

I flew into space,
but didn’t see God

No surprise at time. The former USSR was considered an atheistic country. Very hostile toward religion.

But this quote has later been disputed, as it originated from Nikita Khrushchev. Not Yuri Gagarin.
[reference: Did Yuri Gagarin Say He Didn’t See God in Space? ]

Even in an atheistic Soviet Union ...

Faith blossoms in unexpected places...

Yuri Gagarin was a Christian, a baptized member of the Russian Orthodox Church. No secret to his close friends. As one attested:

He always confessed God
whenever he was provoked,
no matter where he was.

[reference: Yuri Gagarin – went into space and found God! ]

The rest of the story is told here...

(reference: )

Commenting on his trip into space:

When I orbited the Earth in a spaceship,
 I saw for the first time 
how beautiful our planet is.

Mankind, let us preserve
and increase this beauty, 
and not destroy it!

Sadly, Yuri Gagarin perished in a jet crash, March 27 1968.  He did not live to see another First Man. The first man on the moon, July of 1969.

 Neil Armstrong

And Armstrong also passed from this earthly scene in August of 2012.

Now high above in the heavenlies,
both these first men

Yuri Gagarin...
Neil Armstrong...
 see God's face.


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