Monday, March 30, 2020

Signs of the Times (part 10) - Anywhere vs Somewhere


At the time of this post, the coronavirus pandemic has reared its ugly head. And in a few short weeks, our world has been turned upside down. As nations, states, shutdown. Isolate. Self-quarantine.

For updates, check out this map: John Hopkins Coronavirus

As a result,  some jobs are harder hit than others. It breaks out along these lines:

Anywhere vs. Somewhere

The Anywheres: Those who can work from home, online mostly, anywhere, are the least affected.

The Somewheres: Those who need to go to a place of business where people congregate or interact physically with people are affected the most. Like restaurants, hair salons, libraries, schools, banks, stores, factories, sports, casinos, theaters, conferences, concerts, ...

The video below shows the difference between the Anywheres (globalist) and the Somewheres (nationalist) in the context of the 2016 election:

And many of the somewheres soldier on to keep the rest of us going.

Healthcare workers, first responders, truck drivers, store clerks, farmers, ranchers, factory workers--especially those tasked to produce medical equipment in short supply.

Somewheres are the heroes in a pandemic. And their importance has come to light in these...

Signs of the Times



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