Monday, May 27, 2019

Physics (part 6) - Eclipse 1919


May 29, 1919

The day that made Einstein world-famous.

And it was on that day astronomer Sir Arthur Eddington experimentally confirmed Einstein's Theory of General Relativity.

After World War I, Eddington had secured an expedition to West Africa to observe the total solar eclipse. The results showed starlight was displaced along the sight line near the sun. Just as Einstein had predicted.

Spacetime lattice analogy/wikidpedia

So we could say--Eddington made Einstein famous. {Reference: The man who made Einstein world-famous}

 Check out the video below:

 A new paradigm shift for the new science of the 20th century. And the re-writing of many science books.

A hundred years ago. Goodbye Newton. Goodbye Euclid. And the rest is history.

Happy Relativity Centennial.