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CC (part 11) - Tying the Knot Across Both Sides of the Pond

Prince Harry/Meghan Markle/
It's the stuff fairy tales are made of. 

A hard working woman, a commoner,  marrying a royal prince. Like Cinderella.

And on May 19, 2018, life imitated art in the royal wedding of Meghan Markle--an actress, an American, a divorcee--to Prince Harry, now fifth in the line to the throne of England.

For more details, check out: The Love Story of How Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Actually Met

The royal wedding in a nutshell is shown below:

But this is not the first time an American divorcee married a British royal. In the 20th century, an American socialite, Wallis Simpson, divorced twice before, was set to marry the King of England, Edward VIII.

To avoid a constitutional crisis of marrying a woman with two living ex-husbands-- this was 1936-- Edward abdicated the throne to marry "the woman I love."

More info: Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson

Part of that story is shown here:

And it was because of the King's abdication, Edward VIII's younger brother ascended to the throne as George VI, father of the current reigning monarch (and longest reigning monarch to date in England), Queen Elizabeth II, grandmother of Prince Harry.

And there have been some comparisons between Wallis Simpson and Meghan Markle. But also great contrasts. As the Wallis Simpson story seems darker and filled with intrigue, especially in the days leading up to World War II.

Yet, tying the knot across both sides of the pond can bond two nations even tighter and make them stronger.

During World War II, there was a son born of a father of British aristocracy and an American mother. That would be Lord Randolph Churchill and New York native, Jennie Jerome.

Their son? Sir Winston Churchill.

And as Prime Minister, Winston Churchill forged an alliance with the United States to defeat Nazi Germany in World War II.

More info: Winston Churchill


In the first book of The Commander and the Chief series, His Tribe of One, there is a mention of  Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson.

The British Commander Reginald Barrett shows a love interest in his client, the Chief, Dr. Nova Orlovic. And he asks her about her major-domo Lord Frederick Wise, who had arranged their expedition into the Forbidden Area of the Middle East in search for answers about Nova's late husband. As they are heading back to base camp with the leader of the expedition, Colonel Jack Sheffield, is driving their hi tech Jeep.

Here's an excerpt from Part 5: The Badlands, Chapter 12, The Wise Empire Builder:

During the final stretch, Reggie asked Nova, “What’s between you and Lord Wise if I may ask?”
cover by Becki Davis
Nova turned to Reggie. “Let’s say we have a wonderful working relationship.”
“Any romantic feelings between you two?”
Jack raised his eyebrows. “Is someone jealous?”
“It’s okay to ask, Commander.” Nova tittered. “As you know, I’m Fred’s employer … that was after he left UK Geophysical, and he left with a bang. He got from me the exclusive oil contract on all the mineral rights owned by the Sapphire Mountain People Trust. And since then, he’s done marvelous things managing my ranch in Wyoming, the tourist sites, reviving the Wild West shows, starting up the winery in California.”
“Wise is a builder of empires. So it says in his book,” Jack said.
Reggie leaned toward her. “I’m surprised he didn’t ask you to marry him. That is, after you were widowed.”
Nova looked into Reggie’s soft brown eyes. “He said he’d love to marry me, but–”
“But what?” Reggie asked. “You must be one of the most eligible women in America, if not the world right now.”
“But for all the wrong reasons.” Nova flexed her left hand in her sling. “Number one reason is money.”
Jack straightened up. “That’s a good reason.”
“But I fear it’s just the money that makes me attractive. I’m not sought out for who I am, but what I have. I’m always suspicious my suitors are false-hearted lovers. Same problem my mother had, which was why she married so late in life.” Nova sighed. “And I know that Frederick deeply love me, but he said his father, a baron or something–”
“The Baron of Summerset,” Reggie said. “My parents know him.”
“Then you must know something about Fred’s father. He wishes his son to marry an English girl with a title, though Fred seems to have settled on perpetual bachelorhood.”
Jack squinted at her. “But you have many titles: Doctor, Counselor, Indian Chief, Boss Lady.”
“But Fred’s father would disown him for marrying an American. And Fred’s attached to his ancestral property and a title that goes back for some eight hundred years, he said.”
Reggie shrugged. “But the British don’t let things like that stand in our way of love. King Edward abdicated the throne of England to marry an American. Ever hear of Wallis Simpson?”
“Of course. But I understand being attached to the land. And, at one time, it looked very bleak as so many conspired to take my land from me. That’s why I fought so hard to keep the ranch when the odds were stacked against me.”
Reggie arched his dark eyebrows. “So is that why you paid off all his father’s debts before the Wise ancestral property went into foreclosure?”
“Who told you that?”
“You just did, darling.”
“You tricked me–”
“If it’s any consolation, that was a most noble thing to do, darling.” Reggie returned a pleasant smile. “And I see why Wise is so loyal to you.”
Then Nova confessed, “Actually Frederick said he’d throw his title away and marry me, anyway … like King Edward did to marry Wallis Simpson. But after much thought, he’s quite a logical man, we both knew we didn’t love each in that way.”
Reggie raised an eyebrow. “Then is he … gay?”
“Gay? Oh, my, no.” Nova chuckled. “From his stories, he’s had many dalliances. But Fred doesn’t like to be tied down. And there’s much of his life before UK Geophysical that’s secret. Though I may have guessed some of it from his stories.”
Reggie smirked. “So you two, you’re just … friends?”
“Very good friends. He’s my chief confidant and counselor.” Nova raised her shoulders. “And I trust my life and my fortune with him.”
Jack raised his blond eyebrows. “Indeed, we all do at this point.”



The book is available in paperback or eBook (kindle, Nook) form. Likewise, its sequels: Counting Coup, and Peacemaker.

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