Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pray4America (part 17) - Washington and Providence

Wikipedia/General George Washington at Trenton 
George Washington's Birthday - President's Day

February is the month when we celebrate President's Day.  At first, Washington's Birthday was observed on February 22nd, but the holiday was consolidated to honor the US presidents.  And for 2015,  this day will be observed on February 16.   [reference:  Washington's Birthday 2015 | Presidents Day 2015]

But as for the original reason for this holiday, let's take a look at ....

George Washington - the man

George Washington  often called the Father of our Country, and the few words of this post do not do the man justice.  The History Channel page has many great resources on his biography and impact on the founding of our nation:  George Washington - U.S. Presidents -

Since we're well into the third century of the founding of the United States of America, I have been troubled about at the direction we are going as a nation.  It seems there is little an average person can do.  Or is there?

Below is a clip of history changing prayers, including the preservation of George Washington:

With this story, I am heartened that prayer can change history.  But what if it had turned out differently?  What would happen if George Washington were killed before his time and the American colonist lost the war for independence?

What if America did not exist?

Below is a clip showing such a premise:

George Washington, as one of our founders, played a pivotal roll in creating the United States of America and many of the ideals that drew many to this country.  And America is more than just a country, it's still an ideal worth fighting for.

So this month of President's Day, please continue in the spirit of George Washington to ...

Pray for America 


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