Tuesday, August 29, 2023

CC5 (part 1): Pow Wow


cover art by DAVIS Creative, Becki Davis

Pow Wow 

Pow Wow (powwow or pow-wow) has historical as well as modern meanings:

 North American Indian ceremony involving feasting, singing, and dancing.


a conference or meeting for discussion, especially among friends or colleagues.

Data from Oxford Languages

It's also the title of my latest novel (Book 5) in The Commander and the Chief series:

The Commander and the Chief take on the rogue Deep State:

the Gunfight at the UK Corral, 
missing Redcoats in the Nevada Triangle, 
and nuclear blackmail!

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Here's the next wild ride:

Speaker of the House Karl Kelly was never supposed to be President of the United States. But that happens when President Todd resigns and the VP kills himself. Then the rogue Deep State acts to remedy that.

First, take out the new VP, Laurel Hardy. Assassins strike in London, during her Pow Wow with Ambassador Nova Orlovic. But the women fight back as Wild West meets Middle Eastern terrorism in the Gunfight at the UK Corral.

Next, an attempt at US regime change escalates to nuclear blackmail. But Commander Reginald Barrett’s Methuselah project to reverse aging becomes the bargaining chip to forge dubious alliances to fight the Deep State.

Meanwhile, in the mysterious Nevada Triangle, provocateurs incite ET and prepper conventioneers to attack visiting British soldiers. But the Redcoat Regiment vanishes as the mob closes in, and conspiracy theories abound.

Will the Commander and the Chief defuse the nuclear threat and international tensions before it’s too late?


As for the Native American meaning of Pow Wow (spoiler alert), that is saved for the last chapter.

And below is a sample of the real thing:

For more information on Pow Wows, check out: What is a Pow Wow?

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Photo: cover art by DAVIS Creative, Becki Davis