Saturday, November 28, 2009

SCRABBLE - Part of the writing game

Writing is an ever-learning journey.

When writer's block hits (especially when I'm on the computer), I am tempted to fritter away time on a myriad computer games or wander about the Internet. Sometimes I need a jump start to get the words flowing.

One of the best motivators installed on my computer is the game Scrabble. When stuck, I take a short breather playing a game or two.

My computer opponent sometimes displays unfamiliar words. These times, the handy dictionary on the board is at my disposal, so I can easily look them up. And I learn some new words for the day! After a game, words start to flow, again.

And the other up sides? The computer does not get mad when I win. I don't feel guilty playing this computer game. And it gets my mind on words, again.

What games - computer, mind, otherwise? - do you play for writing inspiration?

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