Monday, June 8, 2009

Reward them with Starbucks!

Reward what you are trying to accomplish.

This is the code of the “Queen Mother of Direct Mail.”

Selling construction additions to homes was one of Patty Coldwater’s tough direct mail assignments. Other similar solicitations rewarded contracts with a percentage off the construction job or a free air conditioning system. These did not generate much response from mailings.

At the 2009 EntConnect conference, Patty outlined how she got back to basics.

Question: What was she trying to accomplish?
Answer: A face to face meeting of a potential customer with a salesperson.

Question: What would be the reward for this face to face meeting?
Answer: Starbucks!

Patty got the desired boomerang effect as potential customers took a second look at the offer. Home owners scheduled face to face meetings to get their Starbucks coupon. And some of those meetings resulted in contracts. A few hundred dollars of Starbucks generated tens of thousands in sales.

Don’t’ underestimate the power of Starbucks.

As a writer, what is my desired boomerang effect to read my works and spread the word? Starbucks? Hmmmmm.

Will see. Definitely need to get creative to reward my audience.

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