Monday, June 1, 2009

The Queen Mother of Direct Mail

“My Goal is to be the Queen Mother of Direct Mail.”

Patty Coldwater had said this during a job interview. And that title stuck. Her business card actually reads “Queen Mother of Direct Mail" as VP of Marketing for TMR Direct (a division of The Mail Room Inc.)

One of the greatest challenges I face as an evolving writer is marketing. I love to ensconce myself behind the ivory tower of the keyboard and unleash my creativity. But stepping out in the real world to sell my wares? Well, that’s another story.

How do we sell services in a tight economy and succeed at it?

As companies strive to save money, fewer people are asked to do more work. Yet, opportunities to outsource are out there. Patty presented her experience of "Direct Marketing Ideas that Work" as the third speaker at the 2009 EntConnect Conference.

The following blogs will share Patty's lessons that apply can to any field where goods and services are sold. Especially writers.

One of her memorable morsels of wisdom: “Reward what you are trying to accomplish.”

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