Saturday, December 8, 2012

BTTT (part 2) - Winged Coronet

Do you like historical fiction set during World War Two?  If so, the Winged Coronet by Joe Freitus weaves an engaging yarn during the tensions ramping up to D-Day.

During a storm, Sister Anne Marie, a nursing Daughter of Charity, mysteriously appears and bicycles toward the communities on the French side of the English Channel.  Her official documents indicate her mission is to serve the medical needs of the various seaside denizens, so symbolized by her winged coronet in her pannier.  But her mission almost fails from the start with a nearly fatal roadside accident.

Herr Major Henri Reichert steps in to help the Sisters of Charity after the occupying German forces confiscated or destroyed their previous clinic and housing quarters.  This former German army officer and World War One veteran has opened up his chateaux apartments to Mother Mary Rachael and her latest charge, Sister Anne Marie, who arrives unexpectedly as a casualty.  Herr Major, a man of surprising resources, revives the injured sister as he sees to it she is on the mend so she can work in the local clinic.
Meanwhile, the Gestapo watches the resentful civilians for evidence of the French Resistance, including new comer Sister Anne Marie, whom they suspect is on more than just a mission of mercy.  Their suspicion puts the nun in peril, especially when skirmishes with the Allies intensify and radio broadcasts from London babble with coded messages.

So the Winged Coronet unfolds a cloak-and-dagger mystery with a taboo romance between a French nun and former German officer.  The flavor of the English, French, and German accents in the writing makes the characters more distinct and real, while maintaining the balance of a smooth read without distraction.  Simply put, I recommend Winged Coronet as a story that both men and women would enjoy.


More info:  WINGED CORONET by Joe Freitus


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