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BTTT (part 1) - The Colter Church Conspiracy

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BTTT ???

Am I making a rude noise here ... like the sound of escaping gas from my nether regions caused by sticking out my tongue and blowing so it flutters?

Actually, this acronym is a positive one.

In internet slang, BTTT means ...

* back to the top *

(reference: What does BTTT mean?)

And using this acronym,

BTTT (part 1)

kicks off another thread dedicated to promotion of other authors' works and self-promotion of my works that have disappeared from the consciousness of cyberspace.

So it's Back to the Top, again.

First up - a sale!

That's right. One of my eBooks that is currently on sale - $2.99

Here is the scoop:

The Colter Church Conspiracy
Title: The Colter Church Conspiracy
part of the trilogy, the Samantha Matijevic Chronicles - Book 2
Author: S.K. Smith

available at: The Colter Church Conspiracy
(that is, spelled out,

It is on sale for a short time at: SynergEbooks ePublishing House and Bookstore (other great deals here, too)

Rating: T for teen - Contains some bad language and some material not suitable for young children, as the story reflects the actions of some bad and immature characters

Short Summary: Would-be messiah Bill Renfrew finds naïve college student Samantha Matijevic an easy mark in the uncertain 1970s.

Longer version:

Oil shortages. Energy crisis. War in the Middle East. Political scandals. Doomsday prophets pointing to Armageddon. Is this today? No, it’s the 1970s.

Pastor Bill Renfrew comes back to his hometown Colter, Montana fresh from Bible college on a mission to save a holy remnant for God in America. To do things God’s way is to do things his way. Tapping into the angst and malaise of the times, this sanctimonious preacher targets the vulnerable and the naive.

When Samantha Matijevic turns eighteen and enters Colter College, Pastor Renfrew snares this disoriented girl from a small town into his fold. Will Sam ever wise up and extract herself from the Colter Church Conspiracy?

Inspiration for 2nd Book in the series:

Bodies at Jonestown
In 1978, the Jonestown massacre/suicides were quite a shocker to the nation. The Reverend Jim Jones triggered the shootings of investigating California Congressman Leo Ryan and some of his staff as well as the suicide of most of his followers, over 900 of them, including himself.
(Read more about Jonestown here: Inside the Jonestown massacre - CNN)

And after that, the suicides gave a new meaning to the phrase -
"Kool-Aid Drinker"
(reference: Kool-Aid drinker - RationalWiki)

Some of my friends and co-workers expressed such incredulity that people would be so blind to drink the "purple Flavor-Aide (a Kool-Aid knock off)" laced with cyanide and so willingly kill themselves because their spiritual leader tells them to. It was sobering to think of the strong grip a warped leader - spiritual or otherwise - can have over the masses. Remember Hilter and Germany?

Not long after Jonestown (early 1980s), I had a chat after church with a retired preacher. He had made some comments about what he had observed in his career as a pastor, which stuck with me to this day. What he said, I recall, went long these lines:

I have seen new preachers come into town thinking they were better than anyone else and knew more than anyone else and were smarter than everyone else. They set themselves on pedestals as "gods" and gathered about themselves their followers. But eventually these preachers sin and get that pedestal kicked out from under them. Then their followers attack them because nobody likes to see their "gods" sin.

Whether that was on the grand scale of Reverend Jim Jones ... or many lower profile men or women with Messiah complexes ... those comments fit the Zeitgeist of the 1970s, which was the setting of my second book of fiction.

So .....

What was really going on in the 1970s?

Many may be familiar with the TV series, That 70's Show, but ....

Leave it to another TV show, which was broadcast during those times, to give a window via humor into the past. Here is a clip from a popular sitcom - All in the Family - where Archie Bunker talks about the Energy Crisis during the Carter administration.

Those good old days were worse than we thought ... and many thought the end of the world was near with the perilous signs of Comet Kohoutek, the world population explosion, the energy shortage, the tensions in the Middle East ... and the predictions in the recent release of The Late, Great Planet Earth.

Then ....

Is "The Colter Church Conspiracy" a religious book?

Not really ....

What this book focuses on is cult-like behavior.

I don't delve into doctrine, but how leaders or systems treat their followers and the people they are supposed to care for. Psychological abuse, manipulation, control is democratic. It can be found in obvious "far out" groups. It can be found in main stream religion. It can be found in other institutions, such as colleges, workplaces, private clubs ... oh, anywhere people can get together and form a group.

And as the book title suggest, those who manipulate often see themselves as the victims of "a conspiracy" and lash out at their real victims ... especially went they have been outed. I hope this story will relate to those that have experienced such manipulation and they may feel they are not alone in their experiences.

And the eBook on sale for the next few weeks ... so give it try if it interests you.

Now, on the the 2nd part ...

It's not all about me ...

Here are a few books I have reviewed in the past

Eva Galuska and the Christmas Carp
by Katheen Clauson

available on AuthorsDen: click here


The story is full of detail and rich with description of superstitions and traditions - especially around Christmas - in the lives of immigrants and their children, who settled in the great melting pot of the Chicago area. It takes place in modern times, and yet the Old World influences them as they pursue their American dreams.

* Review - Eva Galuska and the Christmas Carp: A Novella (2009)


Winds of Destiny
by Jayne Bullock

available at SynergEbooks: click here


The times during England’s Civil War are seen through the eyes of a spirited and adventurous heroine, Catherine Grafton, the Catholic daughter of a landlord. A Puritan family, the Ringolds, rescues the heroine from a providential mishap. Her adventurous spirit beckons her on a journey with them, which takes her beyond the point of no return to her old life.

* Winds of Destiny - eBook review (2010)


May BTTT be back ... bringing more works back to the top.

Question: Any works you would like to share?


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Photos from: rock climber
wikipedia commons: bodies at Jonestown

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