Wednesday, April 8, 2009


“Serendipity You’ll discover something you’re not expecting.” This is the theme of the annual EntConnect (Entrepreneur Connection) conferences held since 1992. “Learn. Share. Grow.”

Writing is a business and writers are entrepreneurs. Therefore, during the 2009 conference the end of March, I itched to hear the stories of small business owners and entrepreneurs from teenagers to retirees, especially in these challenging economic times.

Before kicking off the formal conference, we had the chance to relax and socialize with each other. In one memorable encounter, my opponent in a card game blurted out with a grin: “This game sure was more fun when I was winning!” So, it seems with writing (and life). I constantly struggle to summon the courage to get into the game, make the best of the hand that I have been dealt, and not give up when the game is not going my way.

The next two days, diverse presenters gave their observations from evolving technologies to the paradigm shifts in the markets. In the following blogs, I plan to share what I have gleaned from these entrepreneurs’ stories – their challenges and dreams and the lessons learned from their failures and successes – and apply those lessons to the craft of writing.

I would also like to hear your thoughts, opinions, insights, and your writing experiences. Together, we can live out the EntConnect conference theme – “Learn. Share. Grow.”

Please feel free to check out the EntConnect website:

They inspired me!


  1. Looking forward to reading what you learned from entrepreneurs that applies to writers and writing. I never would have thought of going to this conference, but, you're right--writers have that creative, self-ownership mentality. We ARE entrepreneurs.

  2. Thank you Denise. I have a legal pad full of notes from the EntConnect conference. I plan to post twice a week on mini lessons learned from this gutsy entrepreneurs which can apply to writers and our business.