Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On a Positive Tweet

Write interesting thoughts.
Ask interesting questions.
Attract like minded people.
Publish something of value.
Create a ground swell at a viral level.

As an evolving writer, I aspire to all these goals. And Bill French’s Social Media presentation punctuated these goals at the 2009 EntConnect conference.

My previous blog had pointed out the dark side of Twitter, yet Twitter can be used for good, for example, in public service and safety. During disasters, bad traffic conditions, severe weather, twitterers can relay - as fast as they can type - status, new route suggestions and other critical information.

December 2008, right after the Denver air crash, twitterers micro-blogged immediately at the crash scene as written in the following articles:
Plane crash geek Twitters from burning Denver aircraft
Man Used Twitter From Plane Crash

What’s in the near future for Twitter?

I’ve seen Audio Twitter, audio boo, on tweets lately. Like the TwitPic, the boos play a short sound bite. Here is allegedly the first boo: first-twitter-boo

More great twitter tips tweet came from @ZebOlsen. He blogged Top Twitter Tools Exposed and Explained at Lightning Speed!

As always, google Twitter for latest information.

On a final tweet note, as I delve into this brave new world of social media, I feel more entangled in the world wide web. Bill French suggested another application that can help get a handle on information overload. is “a simple service that makes updating your social networks a snap.” Whether, twitter, myspace, facebook, linkedin, plaxo, yammer, etc. allows you to post your messages wherever you want. Maybe worth looking into?

Whew! Those were some of the high points in the keynote EntConnect speech. Next blogs will cover different topics from presenters, who range from teenagers to octogenarians.

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  1. Susan, Interesting! I find twitter fun at times, but I don't like being connected to it all the time. It will fascinating to see what happens with it, since it's relatively new.

  2. Good point, Robbie. On Monday's episode of "The Big Bang," the geeks in the show used twitter. I'm looking for a user friendly way to siphon off tweets of interest and presenting them in better interface.