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Pop Culture (part 1) - Only Time and 9/11

Montre gousset/Wikipedia.com

Pop Culture reflects the mood and spirit of the times. So during a traumatic event, the right song can become a balm for healing.  Such was the case for this turn-of-the-century song.

In November of 2000, Irish singer Enya released the album, A Day Without Rain. And one of the  singles on that album was - Only Time

* Official video here:  Only Time
* Lyrics: here

In 2000, Enya explained its meaning in an interview:

"I had to stop putting the pressure on myself, because of relationships coming and going, but if relationships aren't working that means they're not right. That's what the single Only Time is about."  [reference:  Enya News: A Day Without Rain Article ]

Then less than a year later, CNN showed scenes of the collapse of the World Trade Center accompanied with Only Time.  [Reference:  Music in American Crime Prevention and Punishment ]

And the video below shows a montage of the events on September 11, 2001:

In response to the terrorist attacks, Only Time resonated with those seeking solace from the storm and looking forward to normalcy as the nation's psyche healed from this wound.

Later, Enya produced a remix of Only Time and donated the earnings of that single to the Uniform Firefighters Association Widows' and Children's Fund. This charity helped the families of those who gave their lives that day.  [reference:  http://enya.sk/a-day-without-rain/only-time ]

September 11, 2001

Never forget! 

But ... Only Time will heal.


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Photo from:  Montre gousset/Wikipedia.com

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