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CC (part 3) - Happy Bill of Rights Day

Wikipedia/We the People

The Bill of Rights, the first 10 Amendments to the US Constitution, were ratified on December 15, 1791.  [reference:  Bill of Rights Institute: Bill of Rights]

Our most cherished freedoms as Americans come from the Bill of Rights.  And they still are debated to this day.  For a good summary of them, check out the clip below:

In the Book, His Tribe of One, from The Commander and the Chief series, these Bill of Rights are mentioned, as shown in the scene here:

The "Chief," Dr. Nova Orlovic, is collecting the major players for her search and recovery expedition for her missing husband, Admiral Quinn, which the world believes is dead.  She is accompanied by a long time friend of the family, Kaya Stillwater.

Nova's agent Lord Frederick Wise has just introduced her to Colonel Jack Sheffield as they are waiting for the Commander, Dr. Barrett.  Meanwhile they are discussing Nova's career change from a scientist to a lawyer.  (If you wish to know why ... well, you have to read the book. )

“Admit it, Doctor.” Wise smiled at her. “Scientists do run in your family.”

Nova skewed her lips. “But I don’t do science, anymore. Remember? I’m a lawyer now.”

“Really?” The Colonel looked surprised again. “I’d like to see your business card for that.”

And Nova delivered, producing the Law Offices of Orlovic, Lee, and Kim. Their logo had a quill resting in an inkbottle and an antique firearm framing an outline of the state of California. Below were the words: The price of liberty is eternal vigilance. “Our motto is a quote allegedly made by Thomas Jefferson. He wrote the Declaration of Independence as well as being our third president.”

Jack examined the card. “What’s with the feather and old gun?”

“Symbols of the Bill of Rights. The quill is Freedom of Speech.” Then Nova grinned. “But it’s the Second Amendment—the Right to Bear Arms—that gives teeth to ensure we keep the rest of our rights.”

“Oh, bite me.” The Colonel leered.

“Don’t.” Kaya glared at Jack, then resumed her knitting.

Jack flinched. The last woman to make him jump like that was a lion tamer, who cracked whips as foreplay.

“It’s okay, Colonel. Kaya is quite protective.” Then Nova added fondly, “She’s watched over me since my mother died when I was twelve.”

“It was your grandfather’s wish.” Kaya twirled some yarn about her turquoise-ringed fingers.

from:  The Commander and the Chief 
Book 1: His Tribe of One 
Part 1 - Admiral Connor Quinn, MIA 
Chapter 5 - Is there a doctor in the house?

And as for Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence, here is a pithy tribute to this foundering father:

In summary, Thomas Jefferson left America three main legacies:

*  Political Freedom
*  Religious Freedom
*  Intellectual Freedom

And most of all this warning, which is quite relevant in our day:

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.


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Picture from:  Wikipedia/We the People

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