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CC (part 2) - Universe in a Glass of Wine!

Richard Feynman once quoted a poet -

'The whole universe is in a glass of wine.'

[reference:  Goodreads | Quote by Richard P. Feynman: “A poet once said, 'The whole universe is in a g...”

And the clip below illustrates Dr. Feynman's comments as to how our universe is connected with a glass of wine:

For a great graphic of this conversation:  ZEN PENCILS » 67. RICHARD FEYNMAN: The universe in a glass


This Dr. Feynman quote becomes the slogan of one of Dr. Nova Orlovic's businesses in the thriller series:  The Commander and the Chief.  Here are some excerpts from the first book, His Tribe of One, concerning that quote:

In this scene, Nova Orlovic's agent, Lord Frederick Wise, recruits British Colonel Jack Sheffield for the search and recovery expedition to find her husband, US Admiral Connor Quinn.  The excerpt begins with Colonel Jack Sheffield asking Lord Wise about this mystery.

“Remind me, again, why have you come to me with this mystery and not the Americans?”

“I come at the request of Dr. Orlovic.”


“Admiral Quinn’s widow, my client, Dr. Nova Orlovic.” Then Wise presented her business card for Chief Rainmaker Winery. A silhouette of an Indian maiden in a war bonnet held a goblet with stars and galaxies bubbling out and surrounding the quote: The whole universe is in a glass of wine.

from:  The Commander and the Chief 
Book 1: His Tribe of One 
Part 1 - Admiral Connor Quinn, MIA 
Chapter 3 - Soldier of Fortune


His Tribe of One reveals that the "Chief," Dr. Nova Orlovic, had a career in physics, as in the Stephen Hawking kind of physics.  Why did Nova give up her career?  Read the book and find out.

Meanwhile, here is a tribute to some of Dr. Stephen Hawking's insights:

Below is an other except from the story where Stephen Hawking is mentioned along with Richard Feynman's quote:

In this scene, Lord Frederick Wise has just introduced Colonel Jack Sheffield to his client, Dr. Nova Orlovic.  Meanwhile they are waiting in her luxury suite for the Commander, Dr. Reginald Barrett, the doctor they hope to hire for their expedition. 

“Pleased to finally meet you, Doctor.” The Colonel kissed the hand of the beauty in a black pantsuit, which he noticed she wore so well.

“Likewise, Colonel.” Nova returned a sidelong smile.

Jack raised a blond eyebrow. “You can give me a physical anytime, Doctor.”

Looking over this Viking in tweed, Nova tossed back her long dark hair and laughed. “But I’m not an R-D. I don’t do physicals.”


“Real Doctor. I’m not a medical doctor. But Fred…he likes to call me Doctor…that’s because I have a Ph.D.”

“In what, may I ask?”


“As in Stephen Hawking kind of physics?” The Colonel pulled out her card.

“Yep.” Nova’s brown eyes sparkled from the flames of the fireplace. “And I see Fred gave you one of my business cards.”

The Colonel read it. “The whole universe is in a glass of wine.

“Our motto for Chief Rainmaker Winery. It’s one of Richard Feynman’s favorite quotes.”
“So this fine man is a poet?”

“Actually, Colonel, Dr. Richard Feynman was a famous American physicist. He passed away in the late twentieth century.”

from:  The Commander and the Chief 
Book 1: His Tribe of One 
Part 1 - Admiral Connor Quinn, MIA 
Chapter 5 - Is there a doctor in the house?


Eventually, Nova's expedition takes the Colonel and the Commander into the Forbidden Area in the Middle East.  Nova likens to the Badlands in the Dakotas in America.  Away from light pollution, the three see the glories of the heavens such as seen in this clip below:

In this scene, Nova and her team set up camp for the night in the desert.  They are struck by the view.

As Reggie and Jack stepped next to her, she said, “Looks magnificent out here. And to think all those stars are giant thermonuclear reactors hung in the fabric of space-time.”

“And all the elements in our bodies are made of star dust,” Reggie added.

Jack said fondly to Reggie, “Sounds so romantic, darling.”

Reggie punched Jack in the arm.

“Take it easy, boys.” Then Nova lifted her hands. “The whole universe is in a glass of wine.

Reggie looked back at Nova. “Then let’s drink in the night, Chief.”

“Cheers!” Jack stepped between them, then took a swig from his flask.

from:  The Commander and the Chief 
Book 1: His Tribe of One 
Part 5 -  The Badlands 
Chapter 2  - The Cleft of the Rock the Milky Way
Let Heaven and nature sing!



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