Thursday, March 20, 2014

LOL (part 2) - International Talk Like William Shatner Day's Captain Kirk?
 LOL - Laughing Out Loud - is a look at the lighter side of life.  And in a few days, we can find an excuse to do just that.

Maurice LaMarche has declared March 22nd  as -

 *International Talk like William Shatner Day *

[reference:  William Shatner: Talk like him on his 80th birthday - CBS News (2011) ]

And on that day, William Shatner, perhaps best know as Captain Kirk on Star Trek, will celebrate his 82nd birthday.

In the video clip below, Mr. LaMarche explains the inspiration behind this special day -

Star Trek has been an inspiration for 50 years.  Therefore, the actor who played this intrepid star ship captain - Captain Kirk - deserves to have his day!

And on this day, I would venture Mr. Spock would wish us all to -

  Live Long and Prosper!


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International William Shatner Day


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