Friday, November 1, 2013

Pray4America (part 10) - Real Hope for America

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America's Pastor

Billy Graham has been called America's Pastor.  [reference:  'America's Pastor': At 74, Billy Graham Begins to Sum Up, Regrets and All (February 3, 1993)]   And for photo essay of ministry, please check out:  Billy Graham: America's Pastor - Photo Essays - TIME

Certainly, Dr. Graham has been a powerful evangelist and a voice to call our nation back to God for over six decades -  [reference: Billy Graham Biography | Story of the famous evangelist Billy Graham]  Below is a short clip of various interviews of skeptical talk show hosts during those years.

As noted in the video,  "America's Pastor" has pledged to continue to preach the gospel as long as God gives  him breath and has the strength to do it.

In this article, he gives a dire warning to our nation:  The Rev. Billy Graham's dire warning: America is drowning in ‘sea of immorality’ - Washington Times  After the 2012 elections, Billy Graham had announced  - My Hope America ...

For such a time as this.

As Billy Graham turns 95, he has prepared for America perhaps his last message to be given on his birthday, November 7th:

The broadcast can be found in the following listings: Watch My Hope America with Billy Graham

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