Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Science 101 (part 2) - The Sound of Music?

Day to day, a diversity of sounds resonate about us.  Now that it's spring, and summer is coming, I am outdoors more and hear more of the sounds of nature.  Bird songs.  Flowing creeks.  Wind in trees. Thunderstorms.  Laughter of children at play.

And on the topic of nature and sound, remember the musical - The Sound of Music?  The clip, shown below, of this musical's opening song artistically expresses the wonder of nature.

The sound of music?

What makes music, music .... and sound, just sound?

For some, this distinction is cultural; some generational (how many of the parents of us baby boomers thought our music was noise?); some perception - the ear of the beholder.

But there is a science to making this division between music and noise.  And this video clip gives an excellent physical explanation of this distinction without getting too mathematical:

The Sound of Music is something we may take for granted.  But it's an integral part of our physical universe, which we experience by simply being human.


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Photo from:  wikipeida - Spherical Pressure Waves

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