Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Timeless Truths (part 4) - A Mother's Advice

The Virgin Mary is one of the most famous and revered mothers in Christendom.

And as Mother's Day has been set aside to recognize mothers - without mothers none of us would be here - it seems fitting to offer tribute to this most famous of mothers, who to this day has given us the most excellent advice.

Mary was blessed among women in many ways (reference:  Luke 1:42):

1.  God chose this maid of humble birth as the vessel to bring the Son of God into the world.  (reference:  Luke 1:26-38 )

2.  She was the only person on record to have witnessed both the birth of Jesus and His death.  (reference:  Luke 2:1-20 and  John 19:25-27)

3.  After the resurrection of Jesus, she was numbered among the faithful, praying in Jerusalem, waiting till Pentecost to witness the birth of the Church.  (reference:  Acts 1:14)

4.  And Jesus' first miracle, turning water into wine, was done at her request at a wedding in Cana, which started his public ministry on earth.  (reference: John 2:1-11)

And Johnny Cash sings about this miracle - as well as more miracles - in this clip below:

Mother Mary's advice?

At this wedding, the host had run out of wine.  Mary brought the problem to Jesus for she knew He would do something about it.

And Mary's last recorded words in the New Testament offer most excellent advice, as she instructed the servants:

“Do whatever He tells you.”
John 2:5 (NIV)

And what does Jesus tell us to do?

Johnny Cash sings another song just on that - with the help of Billy Graham's preaching - addressing some of these things He tells us to do.

This Mother's Day,
though the tradition is to give gifts to our moms,
the Mother of Jesus gives us the gift
in the Timeless Truth of her excellent advice -
do what her Son says.

And Jesus said -
"If you love me, keep my commands."
John 14:15 (NIV)

That pretty much sums it up.

God bless all you mothers.  
You keep the human race and civilization alive.


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Photo from:  wikipedia - The Madonna in Sorrow

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