Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fathers are so important!

As Father's Day is coming, I stumbled upon this information in the newsletter from the advocacy group, Fathers for Life.

The following statistics reveal these grim figures of a child's life without a father.

Children from fatherless homes are:
* 4.6 times more likely to commit suicide,
* 6.6 times to become teenaged mothers (if they are girls, of course),
* 24.3 times more likely to run away,
* 15.3 times more likely to have behavioral disorders,
* 6.3 times more likely to be in a state-operated institutions,
* 10.8 times more likely to commit rape,
* 6.6 times more likely to drop out of school,
* 15.3 times more likely to end up in prison while a teenager.

A father's positive influence in the family is very important for the well being of children and society. For the fathers - and those who are a father to the fatherless - who care in numerous ways for the kids in your life, you well deserve our thanks and respect for soldiering on.

On a lighter note, this commercial honoring a dad's life (as well as selling soap), played during Super Bowl XLIV.

Photo from everystockphoto: Parallel worlds


  1. Thanks for the info on Father's Day. My dad kept us kids together during some tumultuous days when we were growing up. He didn't pursue a promotion at work so he could spend more time with us. Yes, fathers are important.

  2. Thanks, Bonnie. My father has passed away, but what I remember is the time he spent with us - which was priceless.