Sunday, November 29, 2020

CC4 (part 1) - Rainmaker


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It's out there and for sale.

Book 4 of The Commander and the Chief is available as paperback or Kindle: Rainmaker

The story continues from Books 1 - 3.

President Todd, after his questionable re-election, weaponizes the US justice department to take down his enemies. And the Commander, Reginald Barrett, and the Chief, Nova Orlovic, are in Todd’s sights. Meanwhile, reporter Kim Chi Li pursues a pair of unsolved mother-child murders tied to the Todds’ rise to power. For Kim Chi, it’s personal.

Then terrorists strike at the Barrett-Orlovic reunion in Wyoming. Sabotage of oil and gas wells and the western power grid spark Armageddon in the West. With trust in government at abyssal levels, will the ensuing destruction ignite another Civil War? It will take a Rainmaker and a miracle to quench these fires and serve justice on behalf of the living and the dead.

The video below givesa taste of what is to come in Book 4. From November 27, 2019 news of wildfires and rain in California:

( reference: )

Cold cases, Cold War relics, 
revenge served cold. 

All spark fires of biblical proportions 
that only a Rainmaker from heaven can quench.

For the rest of the series: The Commander and the Chief

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Peacemaker, Book Three:

CC3 (part 1) - Peacemaker  (2017)


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