Sunday, January 20, 2019

PC Watch (part 4) - Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Bikes, Lights , a Sledder/

Mid-January. Mid-winter. 

And in some parts of the country....


And a popular song from the 1940s expresses that sentiment.

Baby, It's Cold Outside.

Here is a clip when it was performed for the big screen in Neptune's Daughter (1949):

Yet, in 2018 this song had been branded as Not Politically Correct. A song of sexual harassment, to be banned as part of the #MeToo movement.

Many radio stations caved. Agreed not to play it.

Some did anyway. Like WAKY (who repeated the song over and over for many hours.) And this oldie made a comeback in many markets.

So there!


Everyone stay calm!

Just the sight of this fireplace could melt many "Snowflakes."

Play this for endless hours. 
For those cold, cold days.
And there's no carbon footprint. 

For now, it's safe from the virtue signalers and scolds. 

Be warm and be safe.




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