Thursday, January 21, 2016

Poetry (part 1) - Snow


As I'm looking out my window this bright January day, I see a blanket of snow.

Thinking analytically, snow's fundamental element is the snowflake. To the eye of the beholder, snowflakes may be beautiful. But are they unique?

As seen in the clip below, science and history has much to say about snow and snowflakes.

But chance and physics do not take away the snowflake's fleeting beauty. Often it's hard to find the words that describe the wonder of nature. And that's when the arts, such as poetry, take off.

Almost thirty years ago, I wrote a poem about winter, pondering a scene, such as what I'm looking at now:


Clean and bright
The winter scene
Pearly snow 
Is everywhere seen 

Yet the snow 
Is still not pure 
Formed from dust 
Like mortals, here 

Dust is woven
Crocheted to snow
And robes the world
From heaven, below 

Frozen and still
The sleepy land
Under snowy blankets
Till Spring, again 

S. K. Smith 
(c) November 1986

So starts another thread - Poetry. 

And on this poetic note, may I leave with this thought about the Creator:

For He saith to the snow,
Be thou on earth; ...
Job 37:6 (KJV)


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