Thursday, December 17, 2015

America's Story (part 20) - Patton's Weather Prayer

Battle of the Bulge/

The picture above is a diorama of the Battle of the Bulge. 

December 1944, as World War II turned in favor of the allies, Hitler's Army made a last ditch effort in an offensive against Belgium. The Nazi attack caught the American troops off guard and outnumbered.

As a consequence, the Germans bottled up the 101th Airborne in Belgium in what has became known as the Seige of Bastogne. And I previously blogged about this in the post:  Christmas 1944, when we said NUTS to the enemy

General Patton to the rescue

Patton's Third Army did a 90 degree turn and moved quickly from northeast France to Bastogne, Belgium. Yet, another enemy was the weather. And Patton looked for help from the top of the chain of command, the Almighty, as shown below.

The Third Army Chaplain, Father James O'Neill, wrote the following prayer:  the "Patton Prayer"

The weather cleared. As Patton's troops linked with the defenders of Bastogne, the seige was broken.  Despite overwhelming odds, the Americans defeated the Germans.

In January 1945, the Battle was over. April saw victory in Europe. The Patton Prayer is now in the annals of history and the subject of many movies.

But that fighting spirit to not give up against overwhelming odds,
to look up to heaven for help,
is part of
America's Story.


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photo from: Battle of the Bulge/

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