Thursday, November 20, 2014

CC (part 1) - The Commander and the Chief: His Tribe of One

Cover art by Davis Creative

I'm pleased to announce the launch of a new thriller series:

The Command and the Chief

Book 1
His Tribe of One

Dr. Nova Orlovic has many doubts about President Lincoln Todd’s version of her husband’s death. Educated as a scientist and lawyer, Nova smells a cover-up. Stonewalled and threatened, the "Chief", as Nova is known—she’s half Cheyenne, goes on the warpath against the Todd Administration.

With help from a trusted advisor with long reaching connections, Nova assembles a team of Brits including a Royal Navy medical officer, Commander Reginald Barrett, to get to the bottom of it. During their expedition, the Commander and the Chief annoy each other until mutual respect bonds them. But when they stumble upon evidence that could take down the powerful, will they manage to make it out alive?


For now its in an eBook form and can be sampled and purchased for:

NOOK devices at Barnes & Noble:  His Tribe of One


For the latest news, check out:  S. K. Smith - The Commander and the Chief

I will let you know when it comes available in print.

Your readership is most appreciated!


Photo:   Cover art by Davis Creative

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