Monday, August 26, 2013

PC Watch (part 1) - Political Correctness gaze

We have trouble, my friends, ....  That's a capital , which rhymes with  PC and that stands for ... Political Correctness (not personal computer)

But here I am blogging about PC on my PC.  :)   Go figure.  And a succinct definition of political correctness can be found here - political correctness - definition of political correctness by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia. (It's not all bad, but it can be.)

Look for the PC label

The PC label is continually punted about by both the political Left and the Right.  The Left makes a case that the Right uses the outcry of PC to trivialize policies correcting the wrongs that society had afflicted on certain classes of victims.  The Right sees PC as a mechanism to stifle free speech and shut down discussion - especially silence that discourse that challenges the Left.  Who's right?

I side with freedom ... 

That especially includes free speech, saying what some may consider as politically incorrect or even "offensive."  But that freedom stops short of inflicting deliberate harm - such as spiteful epithets - or words inciting violence.

What has been called Politically Correct can seem so ridiculous that it is downright funny.  But in reality, it is no laughing matter.  The effects of PC on freedom - freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of religion - can be downright CHILLING.  It's an assault on everything we claim to hold dear as Americans as expressed in the Bill of Rights.

And those that wrongfully wield PC to silence their opposition are - BULLIES.  I venture I would not be putting myself out there to state that most everyone hates bullies - except perhaps the bullies themselves (unless they are bullied.)

Below is a clip that give some perspective on Political Correctness via the "Sound Bite Generation" and personality, celebrity driven vice truth driven.  The PC discussion starts about 8 minutes into the broadcast.

This is a good start ... and away we go ....

With so many examples of Political Correctness, this series 
- PC Watch -
can continue for quite a while ...


More examples and further reading ....

Ethics, Education, and Political Correctness By Marilyn Edelstein, Ph.D. (1992)

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