Friday, May 13, 2011

eReaders (Part 1) - Nook

For years, I've been reading from a computer- whether for work on a desktop and for pleasure on my laptop. Daily, I infosnack on various blogs, news, fun stuff, serious stuff, just stuff. And no doubt will continue to do so. I have software to read PDFs, ePub formats, and the Kindle format.

Yet, I did want a compact reader dedicated to reading .  Also, I won't have to haul about hard cover books, paperback, magazine - it's all contained and organized in a small eReader.

Michael Hyatt, the Chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishers, has a very good post on this: The Kindle, Nook, iPad, and Reader Compared.  He has a spread sheet which he breaks it out various features and catalogues them.

The iPads and the like look very cool and do so many things in addition to eReader. Yet , it would be another computer to maintain. For me, it was between Kindle and Nooks.

The Kindle is very appealing, easy on the eyes, light weight, good buy for the money. Comments indicate owners love it.

Yet, I have some friends, bibliophiles, who are into gadget and they were sold of the Nook. The wide range of formats it supports, the color features, the large number of eBooks at Barnes and Noble. Though one downside is that the Nook does not take Kindle, the ePub format, which is far more pervasive.

I chose the Nook. Here is their blurb:

My dear husband got the regular Nook - as shown below.

So far, so good. Between the two of us - regular, color - we got it covered.

FYI: I have no financial interest in promoting Nooks, just the desire to spread the info around.

Question: What, if any, eReaders have won you over?

Photo from Wikipedia Commons: Nook


  1. I use a Kindle. I like it because the books are cheaper and I don't have the bulk of those books hanging around the house--they're all in my little e-reader. The Kindle is not color, however, and my highlights don't show. They go into a different area that I have to read through to see the highlights. I hope they improve that.

  2. It was a tough decision to get the Nook over the Kindle. If they only made a Kindle that also supports ePub and is in Color!
    Someday that may come.
    Thanks for your comments, Denise