Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kindle? Nook? Whatever?

As we blast into the second decade of the 21st century, eReaders and eBooks are popping up all over.

I have read a few eBooks via my computer.  Here I can download PDFs and look at them with the Adobe reader.  And the PC software to read Kindles and other types of ePubs can be downloaded for free. That makes sampling the goodies easier as various eBook sites display their wares.

When my tax rebate comes, this Baby Boomer is about to make the plunge and break the bonds of my PC to get a dedicated eReader.

Now, the conundrum. What to buy and get the most enjoyment and bang for the buck?


At first, iPad sounds like it's the the most flexible as it can read most anything.

But it's really another computer. It's relatively expensive, if it's sole purpose is to be an eReader.  And I already got a laptop and I'm not a mac person.


The new Kindles look most appealing. The price is reasonable. The reader very light. I read some good review on readability and battery life.

But it is only in black and white and limited to Kindle formats and does not read other forms of ePubs.  (Except for PDFs)


I'm leaning very heavily for a color Nook.   It does color, obviously. It supports ePub formats and PDF. Barnes & Noble supply the largest selection of eBooks.

Unfortunately, they don't do  Kindle.

Oh, well. You can't have everything.

Question for eReader aficionados:  Which do you prefer?

Picture from Amazon Kindle & Sony eBook

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