Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Welcome Home, Troops!

In my neck of the woods, the men and women in the Army National Guard, who have spent the last year in Iraq and Kuwait, are coming home.

In the cities, I see businesses display marquee's and signs:

Welcome Home, Troops!


Thank you, Soldiers!

American Flags, yellow ribbons, and appreciation signs are displayed along the streets, on fences, in windows, on bulletin boards, or are hung from buildings.

I am so thankful for the internet, where I can find sentiments that I find hard to put in words or in pictures.

One such website has created this wonderful tribute:


photo from everystockphoto.com: US Army Soldiers


  1. This is so beautiful, what our country is all about. I salute our men and women in the armed forces and Pray for their safety. Thank you for your service to our country.

  2. Dittos, Jan. We owe our soldiers so much for keeping us free.