Saturday, October 25, 2014

H/S (part 3) - Halloween Fright, Flight, Fight

Halloween is the popular season for telling scary stories.  And one of these stories comes to mind from my youth.  It was from a cartoon show.

I have great respect for comedian and educator  Bill Cosby and had watched his series - Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids (1972 - 1985).  This was a great show, in my humble opinion, as it promoted good values to kids of all ages as well as being entertaining.

One of the classic scenes was the scary story, The Chicken Heart That Ate Up New York City, from The Fat Albert Halloween Special (1977), as shown in this clip below:

It scared the kids about the campfire.  And in their fright they took flight, nearly getting "scared to death."  Is that possible?

 Fright = Flight and Fight - a deadly combo?

And as this D-News segment shows below, the answer is - Yes, we can be scared to death.

A Fright causes the following ....

* Flight or Fight reaction

* Brain that kicks body into action

* An adrenalin rush 

* Stress on the heart 

And all the above is more likely during Halloween.

Therefore, for people of all ages, in season or out of season, being alert to danger and taking safety precautions is a good thing.

The clip below offers some simple tips for Trick or Treaters:

Some Simple Tips:

1.  Take a light, wear reflective clothing
      2.  Go with a group, use team work, stay together 
 3.  Don't take candy that isn't wrapped and check it out

The following site has some more good tips: Halloween Safety Tips | Safe Kids Worldwide

Above all:

Be safe and have fun!


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Photo from: Wikipedia/Jack-o-Lantern

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