Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Colter Church Conspiracy - Book 2 of the Samantha Matijevic Chronicles

Well, it's out! My second eBook in the Samantha Matijevic Chronicles, "The Colter Church Conspiracy."

What this book focuses on is cult-like behavior. I don't delve into doctrine, but how leaders or systems treat their followers and the people they are supposed to care for. Psychological abuse, manipulation, control is democratic. It can be found in obvious far out groups. It can be found in main stream religion. It can be found in other institutions, such as colleges.

The following is a spiel for this latest eBook:

Oil shortages. Energy crisis. War in the Middle East. Political scandals. Doomsday prophets pointing to Armageddon. Is this today? No, it’s the 1970s.

Pastor Bill Renfrew comes back to his hometown Colter, Montana fresh from Bible college on a mission to save a holy remnant for God in America. To do things God’s way is to do things his way. Tapping into the angst and malaise of the times, this sanctimonious preacher targets the vulnerable and the naive.

When Samantha Matijevic turns eighteen and enters Colter College, Pastor Renfrew snares this disoriented girl from a small town into his fold. Will Sam ever wise up and extract herself from the Colter Church Conspiracy?

And what I want you to know most of this book - it's for sale!

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